Faith Vicinanza

Faith Vicinanza has read her poetry from San Francisco to Stockholm. She wears many hats - grandmother of eight, author of five poetry collections, information technologies management professional, a CT Master Teaching Artist, visiting artist (PoetTs, Inc), publisher (Hanover Press), event facilitor/creator (the Connecticut Poetry Festival), nature photographer, compulsive gardener AND founder/executive director of the Wednesday Night Poetry Series a popular,featured reading and open mic which ran weekly for 18 years - from 1994-2012. 
Her work has been published in many venues including The Connecticut River Review, The Red Brick Review, The Fairfield Review, in Dogwood, on the Ct Authors & Publishers Assoc. web, in Poetry Slam - The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry, In The Raw, Poetry Superhighway, and Selected Poems From The Daily Grind, among many others. She and her late husband Peter rode touring bicycles from Key West Florida to St. Stephens, Canada. You can read the trip blog at She is also a member of the poetry performance troupes Shijin and Mother Tongue and has competed in the Woman of the World performance competition.

Wednesday, 7:19 pm, Route 302, Fog

Black pavement, yellow paint,
the green of November
grass that trails off
from the breakdown lane
to the harvested cornfield --
all of it suppressed by murky
white. I navigate on memory.

Unexpectedly, I see
standing in the road. But why
this place? Why now?

Except for us, this country
road is empty and oddly quiet.
Pulled by some unnamable need
as if she were someone I knew once,
I slow the car alongside myself.
There is no need to speak, I know
what I am thinking
staring at myself staring at myself.
Each in our own way wonders:
Should I step out? Then
as thoughtlessly as I would
take a breath, I look away. I know
without looking back
that I am gone. I know
that this act of not acting on this is mine.
I know she is already feeling her way
through the haze for the next portal
willing me to arrive.


 From "We Shijin Book I" 2004, from Hanover Press
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