Dasha Walters

Dasha Walters: a poet, monologist, an observer of humanity, a nurse by day, student by night, Dasha has lived in Connecticut, New York City and now MidWest. Her interests include but are not limited to: metaphysics, long walks on the beach,  heavy metal &  off the electronic grid living. Her work has appeared in both Shijin chapbooks "We Shijin Book I" and "Undone", as well as the online journal Bent Pin Quarterly.

That Dove Won't Show

I didn't leave school early that day to keep a hair appointment, 
manicure appointment, a last minute dress alteration

I didn't shell out an obscene amount of money for a ticket

didn't agonize for weeks in advance over seating arrangements or my date 
hoping our outfits wouldn't clash 
no Polaroids with the family, no last dance....

Night-time found me sitting slump-shouldered 
in a broke-down barber's chair with my feet up 
listening to Stevie Ray 
smoking Camels with Jim

The old man caressed my neck 
we talked and joked 
an occasional chill shooting through me

I wasn't light-years away at the prom that night 
I was getting myself a tattoo

 * From "We Shijin Book I" 2004, from Hanover Press